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Ryan was a keen enthusiast of fighting sports from an early age. He started training Kyokushin-Kai karate at the age of just 10, which is a full contact (no pads) style of karate. It is also regarded as Japan's leading martial art. He competed for 5 and half years where he fought internationally and in Australia. He also fought in front of the master of Kyokushin, Mas Oyama, at the Australian titles in front of 2000 spectators at a packed Sydney Town Hall where he won the Australian junior title.  He was the first junior in Australia to complete the 40 man Kumite for his 1st dan black grading. This means at the end of many hours of grading he fought 40, 1 and half minute bouts, one after another.


Ryan started boxing at the age of 21, not long after the birth of his son Cooper. He picked up the skills quickly having his knowledge from Kyokushin and had his first fight and win at Soldiers Point Bowling Club. Ryan's amateur career was not lengthy, as he trained on and off for the next few years, winning 90% of his fights and winning the NSW state title at 69kg with trainers Brendon Cannon and Chris Carden.


He turned professional in 2004 with Tommy Mecuri and had a draw with an overmatched Paul Lee, despite suffering a broken hand in the second round. Ryan was sheet metal roofing at the time and it took its toll on his next fight with Mark Hipwell where he lost a majority decision. Robert Chapmen, an ex- sports teacher, friend and iron man legend started training Ryan about a year later. At this point, Ryan left his roofing job and decided to train full-time. This showed in his conditioning and he had a rematch with Mark Hipwell where he knocked Mark out in the first round.

Ryan hooked back up with his old amateur trainer Chris Carden just before his Australian title fight against Sam Setu. With Chris and Al Sykes in his corner, they were able to knock Sam out in the 9th round of an absolute war. He has joined forces with Brian Wilmott and between him and Chris they have formed an unbeaten team.


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After marrying a Professional Boxer and becoming a mother to 3 gorgeous children, there is an ingredient why Southside has been successful for 10 years. Cherie lives and breathes a healthy and fit lifestyle! Cherie also runs her own PT business (Cherie Waters in Body in Mind) and her ultimate lifestyle choice has been to educate on how to train correctly, with the right nutrition, so that you can maintain it for life.


Being a certified PT and Pilates Instructor, with Level 1 & 2 Adv. Qualifications in Kettlebells, Cherie has also completed 2 half marathons each year for the last 5 years and has till chosen to do so. Let's remember, running is a lot cheaper than therapy...


Yes her life is busy and she's consistently kept on her toes but she wouldn't have it any other way. This is one of the reasons why Southside Boxing has found the key to being able to help motivate you, to achieve your health, fitness and lifestyle goals, so you will lead the most fulfilling life possible!


Contact me: southsideboxinggym@gmail.com


the PEOPLE that make it all happen

Graham Shaw

This is the man you don’t see very often but who has a HUGE amount of impact in many people’s lives – Graham Shaw! He is a successful Trainer with a wealth of knowledge & experience, who has trained Professional Boxers of every level, including State, National, Regional & World Titles.

Graham has travelled the world training Boxers such as Daniel Geale (winning 2 World Titles in Germany), Paul Gallen, Rob Medley, Lovemore Ndou and owner of Southside ...Ryan Waters.

Graham now not only trains Amateurs & Professionals but takes classes & helps get our Contenders ready for all Fight Clubs.  Graham's advice and direction makes Southside one of the most qualified boxing gyms to train!

Shane 'Machine' McCarthy

In 2009, I was introduced to Southside Boxing and not only met, but built a strong friendship with both Ryan and Cherie.  I was a contender of the first ever Fight Club and after learning the love of boxing and with their guidance and expertise, I am lucky enough to be one of the Specialised Trainers for Southside Boxing Gym.


Some of my achievements over my 48 years are:

  • Holding the title at Sandhills doing 37 Mexicans in one session
  • I have had 4 Amatuer Fights
  • I have done 4 Marathons with my best time being 3 hours & 12 minutes.
  • I've won the over 40's Wanda Extreme 7km Soft Sand Race
  • Completed the Sutherland 2 Surf in 40 minutes.

My motto is "Cardio is King" and I am an example that you can achieve anything, at any age...

Left Hook Promotions was established in 2005 by Ryan Waters and his wife Cherie. Left Hook Promotions is one of boxing’s most active and respected promoters, presenting shows in packed venues around Sydney and Australia on networks such as Fox.​

Sean "FITZY" Fitzgerald

Sean has not only been teaching boxing in the The Sutherland Shire for over 10 years, he has also produced 30+ State Title Winners and over 19 Australian Title holders. Together with Ryan, Sean looks after juniors program and has been successfully mentoring children ranging from 6 years and up.


Sean is respected and nationally known as one of the best Junior Trainers who has a following that would make any parent proud!


He currently trains his son Joshua who is a Junior World Top 8 and recent Silver Medalist at the Junior Commonwealth Games. He also has under his wing Sam Goodman, a 3 times Australian Champ and Bronze Medalist at the Youth Olympic Games + Gold Medalist at the Oceania Boxing Championships.


Sean is loved by everyone inside and outside of the ring!

Brian Wilmott

Meet one of our Trainers, Brian Wilmott aka Wild Cat! The best Cut-Man in Australia, quite possibly the world! Brian started boxing in 1981 with Johnny Lewis at Newtown PCYC. Jeff Fenech and Bian walked into the gym around the same time and were both gym mates / sparring partners in their Amateur days. In 1986 Brian hung up the gloves as he was asked by Johnny Lewis to be his Assistant Trainer.


Brian always says he is a better 'gym boxer' than a boxer on fight night. Brian became Assistant Trainer to Manyy Hinton in 89 and trained Jeff Harding for his WBC Title Defences. Moving then onto Amateur Trainer at St George PCYC training Brian Birchell and Ted Coffey, both winning the Welterweight and Cruiserweight Australian Titles. After starting shift work and understanding Boxer needs, Brian made the tough decision to turn to the corners. He has worked corners in over 30 world title fights, travelling to Germany, England, France, Japan, South Africa and the USA. Some well known names include Jeff Fenech, Jeff Harding, Guy & Troy Waters, Danny Green, Anthony Mundine, Bob Mirovic, Daniel Geale, Billy Dibb and our very own Ryan Waters! Boxing has not only been Brian's accomplishments.


He has been the Strength & Conditioning Trainer at both St George RLFC and Sydney Kings! After working in the red corner at the Sydney Olympics and now meeting his best friends through boxing, in a quick summary he explains, "I've been to Don King's 66th birthday, 50 Cents house and shaken hands with Nelson Mandela". Now you'll have to agree ... being a Member at Southside will ensure you learn something from this incredible man!!